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We Are Your Art Department.

It's simple.  We design anything that a client needs: business cards, print ad campaigns, brochures, rack cards, digital ads - even website design.  Then we make sure each piece is sent to the correct vendor for publication or printing.  All a client has to do is approve their final designs.  

We Oversee Everything.

Its all about the account management.  From making sure the design highlights the best marketing approach to keeping the printing costs inline with a client's budget, we look after the entire job from start to finish.

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Website Design With Budget In Mind!

Website Design & Hosting Strategies That Work

Website Clients Control

Website That Work Within Budget

Immediate Changes When Needed


We believe clients should have the ultimate control over their websites.  Gone are the days where clients need to pay outrageous fees to maintain their websites, and still not have access. We create websites that work within your budget and are created under your company information.  Access and flexibility are key so changes can be made at a moment's notice. 

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Immediate Changes When Needed

Website That Work Within Budget

Immediate Changes When Needed


We work with our clients to manage their websites.  It's about providing real-time up to date changes when needed, not waiting one to two weeks to see requested changes go live.  We thrive on providing fantastic customer service and quick response times which are vital in making websites work in today's word.  We don't charge outrageous fees to managed websites. 

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Website That Work Within Budget

Website That Work Within Budget

Website That Work Within Budget


We believe in websites that are designed to work within a client's marketing budget.  That means finding solutions that are affordable and reasonable.  We provide alternative solutions that work with your marketing strategies, budget, and your business goals.  When needed we work with outside groups to find alternative solutions depending on the desires of our clients.

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Designation Advertising & Design has over 20 years of experience helping business owners and managers navigate through the confusing mix of marketing needs and advertising media. We zero in on precisely what is needed to help small businesses grow and succeed in a world of continually changing advertising options.  We are the perfect resource for small business clients that want to establish a trustworthy relationship with an experienced company.  

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