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Marketing Consulting & Planning


We provide a personal touch in today's environment of outsourcing and remoteness.  Let us help you and your business by designing a plan that will effectively reach new and existing customers.  Schedule your complimentary marketing consultation today to find out more! 

Advertising Buying


How much of your valuable time is spent meeting with advertising sales representatives looking for a sale?  Designation Advertising & Design has been placing our clients advertising buys for over 20 years.  Let us tell you more about this convenient media buying service by scheduling a complimentary advertising consultation today!

Graphic Design & Website Design


Wasting your precious time trying to design your own print ads?  Or maybe you've been putting off updating your website because you aren't sure how much time it will take?  Designation Advertising & Design can free up your valuable time by becoming your outsourced Art Department.  Contact us today for a complimentary graphic design consultation.

Social & Digital Media Management and Advertising


Is your Facebook or Instagram taking up too much of your valuable time?  Or maybe you want to start advertising on these platforms and aren't sure how much you should invest?  We can help! Contact us today for a complimentary social media and digital advertising consultation.

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Marketing Consulting & Planning

Working Personally With Our Clients.

Our one on one approach starts with a real caring about our clients' businesses.  The time we put into learning a business carries over in all aspects of our marketing planning and account management services.  From copywriting to graphic design to social media posts, we want to make sure all of our marketing recommendations are working cohesively as one unit.

Marketing Ideas That Last.

We use our extensive experience in marketing, media buying, and graphic design to pinpoint marketing and advertising plans that have the best chance of working for the long term.  There are no cookie-cutter marketing plans with a one size fits all approach.  No two plans are alike because no two businesses are alike, as no two clients are alike.  Every business, including our own, all have different budget constraints, logistical challenges, or staff issues.  We design and tailor marketing plans based on the agreed-upon challenges and goals that clients have put in front of us. 

Schedule Your Consultation Today.

We want to share with how we can design a marketing plan for your small business. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Advertising Buying

Does this seem familiar?

As a small business owner, have you calculated the time you’ve spent meeting with advertising sales representatives?  Are you one of the many who are uncomfortable even taking the meeting because you don’t have the budget money but don’t want to share that knowledge?  Or do you pull out the old “Let me think about it” excuse because you want them out the door?  

The Solution.

By using Designation Advertising & Design as your media buying company, you accomplish a lot of things at once.  Your time is freed up to getting back to your business’s day to day operations.  You also don’t have to be in charge of meeting with the revolving door of sales representatives looking for a sale.  Instead of taking the meeting, you can now say, “Contact Designation Advertising & Design, they handle my media buying.”  We have long-time relationships with all the media outlets in the Coastal Empire and can easily take on the responsibility of meeting with these sales representatives.

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We want to share with how we can become your media buying company with little to no cost to you. 

Website Design With Budget In Mind!

Graphic Design & Website Design

We Are Your Art Department.

It's simple.  We design anything that a client needs: business cards, print ad campaigns, brochures, rack cards, digital ads - even website design.  Then we make sure each piece is sent to the correct vendor for publication or printing.  All a client has to do is approve their final designs.  

We Oversee Everything.

Its all about the account management.  From making sure the design highlights the best marketing approach to keeping the printing costs inline with a client's budget, we look after the entire job from start to finish.

Schedule Your Consultation Today.

We want to show you how simple it is to have your own designer that will design everything your business may need.  Schedule your consultation today.

Social Media & Digital Advertising

Advertising's Newest Avenues.

Social media.  Digital Advertising.  Website Ranking.  SEO.  It seems like the list of new ways to advertise your small business continues to grow and expand until you are lost down the rabbit hole.  And with this growth, there is the added pressure to learn these new strategies and techniques.

We've Got Your Back.

Don't stress about it.  That's why you have Designation Advertising & Design as your digital advertising partner.  We take care of our clients' digital profiles and handle any advertising plans that are part of our clients' marketing plans. 

Wading Through The Confusion.

We work with our clients to explain how these new digital advertising avenues can work for them.  We break it down step by step into easy to understand terms so clients have a better awareness of how these digital advertising avenues can bring in new clients.  

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Complimentary Marketing & Design Consultations

Designation Advertising & Design has over 20 years of experience helping business owners and managers navigate through the confusing mix of marketing needs and advertising media. We zero in on precisely what is needed to help small businesses grow and succeed in a world of continually changing advertising options.  We are the perfect resource for small business clients that want to establish a trustworthy relationship with an experienced company.  

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