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Does this seem familiar?

As a small business owner, have you calculated the time you’ve spent meeting with advertising sales representatives?  Are you one of the many who are uncomfortable even taking the meeting because you don’t have the budget but don’t want to share that knowledge?  Or do you pull out the old “Let me think about it” excuse because you want them out the door?  

The Solution.

By using Designation Advertising & Design as your media buying company, you accomplish a lot of things at once.  Your time is freed up to getting back to your business’s day to day operations.  You also don’t have to be in charge of meeting with the revolving door of sales representatives looking for a sale.  Instead of taking the meeting, you can now say, “Contact Designation Advertising & Design, they handle my media buying.”  We have long-time relationships with all the media outlets in the Coastal Empire and can easily take on the responsibility of meeting with these sales representatives.

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We want to share with how we can become your media buying company with little to no cost to you. 

Media Buying Under One Company

Not Just For Big Business

Television Advertising Buying Services

Television Advertising Buying Services


Any size business can use the services of a media buying company like Designation Advertising & Design.  With over 20 years of experience buying media for our clients, our goals of getting the best price, frequency, and still maintain budget are what keeps us excited about purchasing advertising.
There are a lot of choices for businesses, but it's finding the reach choice with the right reach that is fun and exciting.  

We love working with our clients to find the best fit for their customized marketing budgets.  Media buying options are endless, and we're here to take that responsibility, so our clients have one point of contact where they know they don't have to be guarded about their budget and expectations. 

Television Advertising Buying Services

Television Advertising Buying Services

Television Advertising Buying Services


Television buying options can be confusing and intricate.  Most of our small business clients used to take time out of their busy workdays to sit down with various media reps that then have to explain precisely how their product works.  Designation Advertising and Design works with our own media sales representatives to find the perfect balance of cost and exposure as predetermined by the budget set by an approved marketing plan.

Television should be an opportunity to promote brand and sales, not a chance to blow through your budget.  

Radio Advertising Buying Services

Radio Advertising Buying Services

Radio Advertising Buying Services


Radio like television advertising has a lot of options that may work for certain promotions and events.  Radio works, we've used it for many of our clients, but it may not be the right fit for all promotions and budgets. Media buying through Designation Advertising & Design means clients have one point of contact where they can receive personal consultations on which outlet will work for their marketing plans.  Like television advertising buying we work with our own sales representatives to find the best price and schedule that works within the budget set per month, per quarter, and per year.  


Print Advertising Buying Services

Radio Advertising Buying Services

Radio Advertising Buying Services


Print advertising still works for certain businesses.  A lot has been said over the years that print advertising is dying out or a waste of budget money.  That's not the case for all businesses or promotions.  Print advertising still works to promote brands and sales when purchased correctly.  It's all about knowing your product, customer base and the most effective way of reaching them.  Media buying services with Designation Advertising & Design looks at every possible scenario, as well as added services provided by print advertising sales to see the possibilities.

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Designation Advertising & Design has over 20 years of experience helping business owners and managers navigate through the confusing mix of marketing needs and advertising media. We zero in on precisely what is needed to help small businesses grow and succeed in a world of continually changing advertising options.  We are the perfect resource for small business clients that want to establish a trustworthy relationship with an experienced company.  

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