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Advertising's Newest Avenues.

Social media.  Digital Advertising.  Website Ranking.  SEO.  It seems like the list of new ways to advertise your small business continues to grow and expand until you are lost down the rabbit hole.  And with this growth, there is the added pressure to learn these new strategies and techniques.

We've Got Your Back.

Don't stress about it.  That's why you have Designation Advertising & Design as your digital advertising partner.  We take care of our clients' digital profiles and handle any advertising plans that are part of our clients' marketing plans. 

Wading Through The Confusion.

We work with our clients to explain how these new digital advertising avenues can work for them.  We break it down step by step into easy to understand terms so clients have a better awareness of how these digital advertising avenues can bring in new clients.  

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Designation Advertising & Design has over 20 years of experience helping business owners and managers navigate through the confusing mix of marketing needs and advertising media. We zero in on precisely what is needed to help small businesses grow and succeed in a world of continually changing advertising options.  We are the perfect resource for small business clients that want to establish a trustworthy relationship with an experienced company.  

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